Top 5 Holiday Hacks
While you worry about summoning your inner Bo Derek, Offshore Swimwear have you covered with our top 5 tips and tricks to the perfect holiday


1. Go super-sleuth this Summer

When trawling the web for vacation deals, we idly ‘accept’ those pesky pop-up cookie warnings. Did you know that these digi detectives are tracking what you are searching for and can cause the prices to rise simply because you have searched for those hotels and flights before? Throw them off the scent and switch to private browsing


2. Easy does it! Mark your bag as Fragile


Lest your luggage be projected into the baggage cart with the force of an Olympic shot-putter, mark your belongings as ‘Fragile.’ Not only will you have peace of mind that your lovely luggage will be handled with care, but a little bird told us it will be last in the storage compartment of the plane, meaning it'll be first out on the carousel when you touch down!



3. DIY Beach safe


Worried your valuebles will be carried off by critters or held captive by the kids? For the ultimate decoy thieve thwarter, look no further than your empty jumbo sunscreen bottle. Rise it out and use it as a waterproof home for your keys, loose change and phone.

4. Flag em down!

Plonked on a lilo and maneuvering around inquisitive snorkles, you are soaking up the sun rays and are letting the sea waves take you…..miles away from shore. But where is your tribe (or more importantly the cool box?) Never lose a man (or woman) overboard and stake your territory with a colourful flag so sea drifters can easily find their way back!


5. Take your laundry bag to the beach

Channel your inner Dot Cotton and invest in a mesh laundry bag. When your belongings are sandier than a builder’s footwell, simply stuff your bits and bobs into the bag and let the sand fall out of its own accord!